It’s revamp time!

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As you might have noticed, the blog has gone a little to the wayside as of late. The stream of content has been irregular for a while, the last post was back in January and in general, the content had … Continued

Website troubleshooting with ViewDNS

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Troubleshooting website connectivity issues is not a nice task, but sometimes it has to be done. A tool that I’ve come across that helps a great deal and pretty much gathers every tools required into one accessible place is ViewDNS. … Continued

Show round-up: Wakefield 2014

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The 26th of April saw the 2014 edition of the RISC OS Calendar’s biggest event of the year take place. The Wakefield RISC OS Show, held in the Cedar Court Hotel, saw a flock of RISC OS enthusiasts take to … Continued