A look at R-Comp’s Final Doom re-release

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Originally released for RISC OS in 1999, Final Doom has received a bit of TLC from the ever busy chaps over at R-Comp to make it compatible with RISC OS 5 and newer hardware, which includes the Raspberry Pi, ARMX6 and … Continued

Catch the nostalgic Fervour!

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A few months ago, fresh-off the back of developing space shooter Overlord and roleplaying game Legends of Magic – Amcog Games‘ Anthony Vaghan Bartram took to the RISC OS Open forums to see what kind of game would people want … Continued

Under the Microscope: Legends of Magic

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Amcog Games are set to release their second commercial title for RISC OS computers at the RISC OS London Show on Saturday, October 24. Legends of Magic has been in development since May of this year and is coded in … Continued