RISC OS London 2016: Not long to go!

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The RISC OS London Show 2016 takes place on Saturday, October 29th and it’s set to be another big show, with lots of exhibitors confirmed and hopefully a few interesting launches – developers tend to time new releases or major … Continued

Acorn error screens out in the wild

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Many of you may be familiar with popular IT website The Register, if so you may be familiar with a recent series of articles they’ve published with images of computer error screens in public. As you might expect, a good … Continued

RISC OS Open is ten years old!

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A lot of you will remember the sorry state of RISC OS prior to the founding of RISC OS Open back in 2006. RISCOS Ltd and Castle Technology were fighting with their own branches of the operating system, 26-bit RISC … Continued