Welcome to the RISC OS Blog Knowledge Base. The purpose of the site is to serve as an easily accessible source of reliable, straightforward information on RISC OS, its hardware and the software available for it.

Any veteran user will know very well what the best machine on the market is, what the best systems are to build, what software we have available to us and where it can be obtained from. The problem is, all of this information is quite fragmented when you try and find it online, so hopefully this section will be a ‘one-stop shop’ of sorts to explain things in a manner that someone coming across RISC OS for the first time will understand and not necessarily be scared off from.

The Knowledge Base is here to act as somewhat of a ‘Starter Kit’ for new RISC OS users. Where someone new to the operating system can come and see what ways the operating system can be run, what the best emulation methods are, what computer system to purchase or build.

Then there’s software, RISC OS has a whole host of amazing software packages available to it, but again it’s all scattered across the place and not everything is built into one. The Knowledge Base is here to serve as a portal that users can use to find software easily.