It’s Doom, but recession-proof

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36810-Doom_[U]-4Jeff Doggett has made available version 1.10 of his Doom port for RISC OS, this new version has added support for FreeDoom game (WAD) files, a game based on the Doom engine but with the primary aim of creating a completely free Doom-based first person shooter. If you’re unfamiliar with Jeff Doggett’s RISC OS port of Doom, it’s built from the Linux Doom sources and has many features that are not present in other Doom ports for RISC OS.Some impressive features include the ability to choose levels, modify gameplay (no monsters, no unhealthy floors, monsters infight etc.) and change screen modes, the latter is the only way for many users to play RISC OS Doom on modern monitors.

Jeff does stress however, that this new version is not 100% stable when playing FreeDoom game files and is subject to some bugs and crashes.

I hadn’t played previous versions of Jeff’s port so I was pleasantly surprised when first playing it, there was minimal set-up involved as you simply drag the WAD file you wish to play over to the Doom icon patiently sitting on the iconbar and hey-presto, you’re shooting baddies.

The range of levels that will play with Jeff Doggett’s !Doom surprised me too, as well as supporting FreeDoom levels, it also supports all WAD files for Doom,  Doom 2, Ultimate Doom and the thousands of user-created levels that are floating around on the internet.

Now back to FreeDoom, it’s currently in an Alpha stage and has many features missing, for example some monsters and other sprites are replaced by placeholder images, some levels are missing and some levels have no music. But you can’t complain, afterall, it’s free!

You can download this shiny new version from Jeff’s website, please note that in order to play official Doom 1 and 2 levels, you must own the registered game files, alternatively you can download the Shareware Doom 1 game files from here.

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