August is RISC OS Games Month!

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The RISC OS games scene has enjoyed quite a rejuvenation over the last few years, with Amcog Games hitting the market with their debut title Overlord in 2015 and R-Comp re-releasing a number of their titles for newer RISC OS machines.

Since then, the flow of new games to play through has been so quick and fast that this blog has fallen woefully behind on covering them.

Now is time to change that, for the entirety of August the blog is going to be focusing exclusively on gaming on RISC OS. With multiple game reviews as well as other gaming related articles going up on the site throughout the month.

We’ll also be exploring the numerous gaming possibilities available to us through emulating gaming systems or other operating systems on RISC OS.

The first article of this month of gaming coverage goes live on August 1st. In the meantime, you could check out the various titles we’ve already reviewed in our Games Corner section.

Happy RISC OS Games Month!

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  1. André

    Image 4 looks like a game derived from the Iron Destiny demos, but as far as I know this was never released for RISC OS.

    • Sion

      It is indeed Iron Dignity, good spot. If memory serves, the publishing house went bust and the new publisher wasn’t on board with pumping time and effort into releasing a game for RISC OS.

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