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Since hitting the scene back in 2015, Amcog Games‘ release schedule has been relentless, with a few good quality releases hitting the PlingStore per year.

One of Amcog’s more recent releases is Protector, a retro-styled side-scrolling arcade shooter game launched back in November. The game is a commercial release and is available for purchase for £9.99.

The game itself

Presented in 16 millions colours and written using Amcog’s very own AMCOG Development Kit, the game’s story involves an alien invasion threatening the very existence of your world, so you’re tasked with being the Protector. If the invaders succeed in capturing a lifeform then they will transform into mutants.

You encounter bombers, bots, pods, podlings, rollers and missiles along the way to make things more difficult. If all of the lifeforms are destroyed then the planet will explode and the aliens will succeed in becoming mutated forever – beyond your inevitable destruction.

Protector is never ending, it has an unlimited number of levels for you to play through. On top of that, there’s six different types of aliens to pit your wits against.

Just like every other Amcog release, the game’s music tracks are all original, sound effects are also provided by Amcog’s RDSP virtual sound chip whiches generates synthesised sounds in real-time.

Playability-wise, the game’s levels are not particularly long in length, but the game’s difficulty definitely makes up for that. There’s a definitive learning curve to begin with, but once you’ve become used to the mechanics of the game it does become addictive. I feel like it can get a little boring and repetitive after a while of playing, but then again that’s not so much an issue with the game itself, it’s designed to be exactly what you’d expect from a retro arcade shooter.

Performance & Compatibility

In terms of performance, the game plays as it should for a game of this nature – it’s quick and not at all laggy with navigation. Responsiveness is also not an issue.

As the game is written in BBC BASIC, it should play fine on a vast majority of RISC OS machines, old or new. The game runs well on a Raspberry Pi 2 and I’d imagine it should be fine with pretty much any other modern RISC OS compatible board you throw at it – Titanium, Beagleboard etc.


Overall, Protector is another good title from Amcog – delivering a nostalgia-fueled side-scroller that has plenty of life in it thanks to having an unlimited amount of levels.

The game is a digital purchase via the Pling Store. If you’ve got a tenner to spare and want to help support further RISC OS game development from Amcog then giving Protector a spin isn’t a bad shout.

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