Under the Microscope: Mutant Penguin

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Originally released in April 2017 and recently updated with a few improvements and 2 new levels, Mutant Penguin is a free release from Amcog Games. It was developed using the AMCOG Games Development Kit which we took a look at recently.

The game itself

Mutant Penguin is a retro maze game with 14 levels inhabited by multicolored slug-like pods – your main objective is to evade each level through squashing the pods with ice blocks. The game comes with 3 original music tracks that add a good level of atmosphere to the game.

The game itself is reasonably simple, there’s not much game logic other than the lives counter and high score system. Not that it’s a bad thing for a game like this – anything more than what’s already in place isn’t really required.

Performance & Compatibility

The game’s gameplay is smooth and stable, it plays as you’d expect for a retro puzzler like this. Longevity-wise, the game’s novelty doesn’t run out as quickly as you might expect, the puzzle element of the game makes it quite addictive, especially in the later levels.

As the game is written in BBC BASIC, it should play fine on a vast majority of RISC OS machines, be it legacy 26-bit computers or 32-bit machines. The game runs well on a Raspberry Pi 2 running RISC OS 5.24 and I’d imagine it should be fine with pretty much any other modern RISC OS compatible board you throw at it – Titanium, Beagleboard etc.


As you might expect from an Amcog Games title by now, Mutant Penguin is a solid and well-authored game. It successfully delivers that retro feel Anthony at Amcog has worked to achieve.

Mutant Penguin is free to download from the Pling Store. A copy with full source code is also bundled with the AMCOG Games Development Kit.

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