A week to go: 2017 South West show

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The 2017 RISC OS South West Show takes place on Saturday, February 25th and it’s set to be another big show, with lots of exhibitors confirmed and hopefully a few interesting launches – developers tend to time new releases or major updates to coincide with the show so hopefully something juicy comes up.

The show will run from 10.30am to 5pm, with tickets being £5 at the door.

RISC OS Open will be showing off their recent developments at the show, including selling their usual range of goodies like media stick/cards with RISC OS on it as well as their RISC OS documentation range.

R-Comp will be in attendance with their usual range of computers and software. Andrew and Co. will undoubtedly be showing off their ARMX6 computers running on 4K displays as well as demonstrating their massive range of software and hardware.

CJE Micro’s will be flogging their usual wide range of wares – including their Raspberry Pi based laptop, the PiTop RO.

Amcog Games will be demonstrating their range of commercial games for RISC OS, Antony’s latest title Mop Tops will undoubtedly be on display at their stand.

A full list of confirmed exhibitors, which have a few interesting names in there, is available here. Also take a peek at RISCOSitory’s in-depth show preview here.

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