PiFi: Wireless networking for RISC OS!

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Not an actual image of the PiFi, but you get the gist
Not an actual image of the PiFi, but you get the gist

Wireless and RISC OS are two words that rarely get mentioned in the same sentence, but R-Comp have announced the release of the ‘PiFi’, and it seems like quite a nifty little tool.

From what I can gather from Andrew Rawnsley’s announcement on CSA Announce, the PiFi is essentially an Operating System (presumably with some kind of simple GUI for configuration) that turns your Raspberry Pi into a RISC OS compatible wi-fi adapter.

It’s designed to be compatible with RISC OS web browsers such as NetSurf and can be hooked up to a number of devices as well as 32-bit RISC OS computers – giving them wireless connectivity.

I haven’t been able to source much information on the ‘PiFi’ but if it really delivers what it says it should, it really will be a marvellous solution for everyone running RISC OS on native modern hardware. Especially considering it’s been discussed previously that to develop a wireless networking stack for RISC OS would be so enormously resource and cost intensive, that the possibility of it supporting wireless connectivity natively is just a pipedream unless something changes quite dramatically in the coming years.

There’s no word on the compatibility of the ‘PiFi’ yet or even a price point. It’s launch will be at the 2015 Wakefield show on April 25, which will also see a range of wireless related kits and goodies for purchase.

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