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Since bursting onto the scene with the release of Overlord in 2015, Anthony Van Bartram of Amcog Games has been hard at work bringing a series of commercial games to the RISC OS market.

After his first release in June 2015 we saw him launch isometric adventure title Legends of Magic at the 2015 London Show before coming out with the Fervour-inspired space-maze game Xeroid at the 2016 Wakefield show.

Amcog have since stuck to their quick release schedule, with their latest title coming in the form of Mop Tops, a parallax scrolling puzzle game.

The main aim is pretty simple, but it’s pretty tricky to master. You must guide as many Mop Tops as possible to the exit within the time limit. You do this by giving objects to the Mop Tops to use or by dragging objects into their path.

It quickly came apparent to me upon playing the game that Mop Tops is one of those titles that, although there’s no huge backstory or much depth to the concept (not that there needs to be for a game like this), it keeps you coming back for more and more. It’s ideal for procrastination as I’ve found out the hard way. There’s 30 levels to play your way through, all with synthesised and sampled sound effects via Amcog’s very own RDSP Sound Mod.

Mop Tops is available from the Pling Store for £9.99 and is compatible with all modern RISC OS systems – including the Raspberry Pi, ARMX6 and machines running RISC OS 5 under RPCEmu. It should also be compatible with legacy systems running RISC OS 4 as well as Virtual RiscPC.

If you’re looking for a casual puzzler that you can sink some time into when you’ve got some time to kill, this is well worth your hard earned cash. Quite a few share my opinion too, Mop Tops picked up the Best Game of the Year award in the 2016 RISC OS Awards.

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