RISC OS eXperience 2016 just a few days away

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RISC-OS-LogoJust a few weeks on from the Wakefield Show, the RISC OS calendar will see the Netherlands’ Big Ben Club hosting the 2016 edition of the RISC OS eXperience on May 21.

The usual faces will present at the event from an exhibitor side of things. R-Comp will be there with their usual range of hardware and software, including their Titanium-based TiMachine computer.

CJE Micro’s will also be present with their ever-large range of software and hardware – including their latest flagship computer, the RapidO-ig. Space is still available for businesses to exhibit at the event, slots are free.

The show will take place in the northern town of Koog aan de Zaan, located 11km northwest of Amsterdam, with the event starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm. For more information, visit the show’s website.risc-os-experience

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