Show round-up: South West 2016

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RISC-OS-LogoThe 2016 edition of the annual RISC OS South West Show took place on February 27 at the Webbington Hotel in Somerset – which has played host to the event for an impressive 18 years.

The day’s Theatre schedule saw presentations from Chris Evans at CJE Micro’s, who’s was keen to show off the new RapidO Ti computer as well as its slightly older brother, the RapidO Ig – based on Titanium and IGEPv5 boards respectively.

Steve Revill and Rob Sprowson held the RISC OS Open Ltd talk, talking people through recent developments with the RISC OS 5 operating system. R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley was also present, showing off his huge plethora of hardware and software offerings – a good percentage of which were new or had been updated just in time for the show. The biggest news from the R-Comp camp was obviously the TiMachine – their latest computer offering, based on the Titanium board.

The first stand upon entering the hall was ROUGOL, manned by Bryan Hogan. Talking people through the activities of the London based RISC OS usergroup – which holds regular meetings and is involved with organising the annual London RISC OS Show.

Orpheus Internet, the RISC OS friendly ISP originally setup by the late (and great) Paul Vigay, was present at the event – with Richard Brown talking users through their offering of connectivity services.

The latest version of personal information management application Organizer was on show, with North One Communications going through the wealth of features the program offers – which includes the nifty option of working with mapping software package RiscOSM (from Sine Nomine Software).

The latest edition of the PDF-based RISC OS magazine Drag ‘N Drop was available at the show, with the latest copy enjoying a programming and audio based steer to it rather than its usual varied content.

Steve Drain was busy showing off his tablet-form RISC OS computer. Not available for sale unfortunately, the machine is a Raspberry Pi cased with a 7″ screen running at 800 x 480. The machine, although not touchscreen, allowed for visitors to the stand to have a play about with an equally tiny keyboard and built-in touchpad.

Another of Steve’s creations that you could fiddle about with was a machine based on the extremely small Raspberry Pi Zero – connected to a Motorola Atrix Lapdock to turn itself into nifty laptop with a 11.6″ screen.
Amcog Games were present at the show – demonstrating their two commercial video games: space shooter Overlord and fantasy roleplaying title Legends of Magic.

Alongside their usual large selection of hardware and software – flocks of people surrounded the CJE Micro’s stand throughtout the day to look at the new RapidoTi computer in action as well as their Rapido Ig machine – both are very new additions to the RISC OS hardware market and so far the reception seems to be all positive.

David Snell was busy demonstrating Web Wonder and ProCad+. The former being an application for creating websites, with the latter being a very comprehensive computer-aided design package that is used by a number of companies as their go-to CAD program.

The guys over at RISC OS Open had a Rapido Ti running a dual-monitor display with the latest version of RISC OS 5. Although there were no new announcements specific to RISC OS 5 at the show, Rob Sprowson who is also heavily involved with Elesar (the people behind the Titanium board) served as a fountain of knowledge to passers by on the latest edition to the RISC OS hardware scene.

For a more in-depth overview of the show, including a rundown of every exhibitor of the event and a series of pictures from the show – check out the RISCOSitory’s show report.

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