Titanium from Elesar now in full production

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Titanium from ElesarA little while back you might remember reading about the upcoming release of the Titanium from Elesar.

Announced out-of-the-blue at the 2015 London Show, well the Cortex-A15 motherboard with the option of having RISC OS 5.23 pre-programmed into it is now shipping for business and individual customers.

The board is shipping as a naked motherboard, Elesar have stated they won’t be releasing pre-built machines based on the board, although they have agreed terms with R-Comp Interactive and CJE Micro’s, who haven’t announced commercially available machines based on the Titanium yet – although Elesar’s press release suggests both companies are already providing pre-built bundles with software and peripherals on an individual basis.

Nothing is stopping anyone from purchasing the bare board then sourcing parts to build a computer based on it, especially considering all you’ll really need based on the specs of the board is a case, power supply and the usual keyboard, mouse, monitor etc.

The board is available at £498 (£415 excluding VAT), although prices are reduced for bulk orders. The immediate thought with a lot of you will be the price, it’s a tad expensive. Although if you look at the technical specifications, it’s quite clear as to why.

Technical Specifications:

  • AM5728 packed with plural Cortex-A15, Cortex-M4, TMS320C66x, and SGX544
    processor cores
  • 8MB of operating system boot flash
  • 2GB of DRAM and 2.5MB of on chip fast SRAM
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet
  • Dual DVI video heads (2nd head with RISC OS currently shows a test card)
  • 6 rear USB ports + 2 for front panel
  • 4 port SATA interface for harddisc, SSD, or optical drives
  • 2 serial ports
  • Micro SD card socket (free for use)
  • Stereo audio out, with mono downmix to internal 8 ohm speaker
  • 2 PCI express sockets for expansion cards such as parallel port
  • Real time clock, configuration EEPROM, and unique ID chip
  • 6.7″ x 8″ sized to fit commonly available ATX form factor cases
  • Connections for standard front panel power/reset/status LEDs/USB

Looking at the specifications, the clear attraction with this board is its Cortex-A15, Cortex-M4, TMS320C66x, and SGX544 processor cores – which is great, and will provide a highly powerful machine when used with Linux or similar operating systems. RISC OS sadly cannot support more than one-core at present, so whether the full benefits of the board can really be witnessed while running RISC OS is yet to be seen.

Despite all that however, it’s pretty cool to have a new, very powerful addition to the RISC OS computing family – it’s especially nice that Elesar have opted to ship Titanium boards with RISC OS 5.23 pre-programmed into it, we wouldn’t have dreamt of this happening a decade ago!

Have you got or are going to purchase a Titanium unit? If so, feel free to send any reviews or opinions on the board into us. We’ll pay you with free cookies!*

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