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Title: Botkiller 2 – Price: 15ukp Free – Developer: Artex Softwarebk3

Artex Software were on a high prior to the release of Botkiller 2, their two flagship tites Exodus and Ankh were selling like hot cakes and had enjoyed been rave reviews. So it was incredibly important for Artex that Botkiller 2 lived up to expectations, and thankfully it did.

The object of the game is to save SpaceTronic Inc. from being taken over by a nasty horde of futuristic robots. You control the game’s sole hero, who doesn’t appear to have a name (although presumably he’s ‘the Botkiller’).

You can walk, jump, fire and duck and use one of the game’s five different firearms. The game has you completing puzzles and using the level’s surroundings (boxes, beams, locked doors, transporters etc.) to proceed onto the next stage. It’s all rather fancy.

The differences between Botkiller 2 and its predecessor are immediately noticeable, the game’s animation sequences are far sleaker, the game’s graphics are more appealing and the sounds effects and music are quite palatable.

The game’s level design for the most part is quite well thought-out, although it can strike you as a little repetitive at times. The majority of the game sees you trawling around for keys, which once found, can be used to progress to the next level. It sounds easy, but once you throw in a number of objects, transporters and nasty ol’ bots, it can give you several hours of frustration/fun.

bk6Botkiller 2 uses tracker-based music for the most part, which does well inproviding an absorbing atmosphere (althugh it can be a bit repetitive after a while!). The sound effects used are pretty much what you’d expect, they’re nothing spectacular but they do the job quite well.

The only grievance I have with Botkiller 2 is the main character’s slow movement, which can be a bit annoying at times. Apart from that though, Artex have successfully developed a fun platformer with decent longevity and even a level editor so that you can make your own maps.

Originally a commercial release, Botkiller 2 can now been downloaded free of charge from Artex Software’s website. Alternatively, the game is also bundled with Artex’s impressive real-time strategy game, TEK 1608.

Compatibility wise, Botkiller 2 will not run on anything newer than a StongARM RiscPC or Omega, although you’ll have no problems running it under Virtual Acorn or RPCEmu. You can however run the game with Aemulor, so it can be run on an Iyonix and A9Home but unfortunately Aemulor isn’t compatible with the Beagleboard, ARMini, Raspberry Pi etc.

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