The state of web browsing on RISC OS

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Web browsing has historically been quite a neglected part of RISC OS, and as we all know, it’s by far the most popular type of application when it comes to modern-day desktop computing. Netsurf has traditionally been the de-facto web … Continued

Pre-built RISC OS computers: What’s out there

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Update! March 2019: Added information about the newly launched R-Comp Titan. It’s hard to believe that back in 2006 or thereabouts I’d relegated myself to never expect the release of a commercial RISC OS computer again. Production of the Iyonix … Continued

A guide to playing Doom on RISC OS

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The first-person shooter Doom is one of those classic games that will never fall out of favour. It transformed the gaming industry back in 1993 and it’s still hugely popular today. Although there have been quite a few ports to … Continued