Following the demise of Acorn in 1998, the RISC OS gaming scene saw a steep decline in development, the market at the time consisted primarily of commercial releases, but as the general RISC OS market side dwindled, the activity in commercial and free development as well porting came almost to a complete standstill.

TEK 1608 from Artex Interactive was the last major commercial release back in 2002. Desktop Repton was released in 2004 but following that, the only commercial releases seen were puzzles games like SuperDoku from Sine Nomine Interactive.

Now that the RISC OS userbase is on the up again, and the community has well and truly caught the open source bug, more and more games are now making their way over to RISC OS. There’s a good amount of free ports of some good games available, Amcog Games are regularly churning out good quality commercial and free titles, R-Comp are also going through their back catalouge and bringing games up-to-date with modern hardware.

Reviews & Guides

We like to analyse and review a game or two for the blog from time to time, especially when a new release is launched. This section is looking slightly bare at present, but eventually all our reviews will have been migrated from the old site so it should be a bit more comprehensive by then.

Prior to being merged with the Icon Bar many years ago, the Acorn Arcade built up an impressive list of gaming reviews. For a list of reviews, the majority are pre-2000 in the age, click here. Acorn-Gaming is also a good historical resource for game information.

The big list

All titles are 32-bit compatible and should work with Raspberry Pi, Pandaboard etc. unless otherwise stated. Feel free to get in contact if you find an incompatible title so it can be noted on here.

The Legacy list

All titles in this list are not deemed 32-bit compatible and were designed for use on RISC OS 4 and earlier running on 26-bit computers like the RiscPC and A7000+. The majority should work fine under emulation or through Aemulor.

The Emulators list

There’s a good number of emulators available for RISC OS, so although RISC OS does lack a lot of popular titles natively, there’s a good chance you can still play that title you’ve been itching to play through emulation.

Noticed an inacurracy or want to get a game added to the above lists? Get in touch.