For what is now considered a niche operating system, RISC OS has an awfully large amount of software available for it. A lot are now old and no longer updated, but there’s still a pretty large amount that see regular and continued development to support legacy and new systems.

Below you’ll find a list of highly recommended pieces of software for the RISC OS platform, they should all be compatible with RISC OS 5 and modern hardware (Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard etc) unless otherwise stated.

Applications with (CLI) at the end of the program description are command-line only tools, for information on how to access the RISC OS command line – read this guide.

Software for RISC OS 5 and modern hardware

Here’s a quick list of software that, if you’re new to RISC OS, you need to be aware of:

Package Managers

Web Browsers

Email & Newsgroups




Audio Editing

Text Editors