Founded in July 2011, the RISC OS Blog was setup to fill a void for RISC OS news, show reports and general articles left open by the closure of Drobe and the slow downfall in activity on The Icon Bar. Since then, the blog has developed enormously, it’s now fully hosted on its own server rather than being hosted through an external blog provider like it originally was.

The blog has since moved away from primarily covering news, as it’s already covered well by RISC OS news site RISCOSitory as well as the ever-alive comp.sys.acorn.announce newsgroup. The RISC OS Blog now focuses on articles that are more opinion and feature based rather than just reporting news.

The blog is currently maintained and run by Sion Cleaver, but contributions are always welcome. Regular posters can be given a login to post directly to the site if desired.

About the website

The website is hosted on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) stack running on a Debian virtual private server (VPS). The site’s domain name and email server has been kindly donated by the ever-helpful chaps over at GigaTux – who are RISC OS friendly by the way!

The blog itself runs on WordPress, which seems to work reasonably well with most modern RISC OS web browsers. If you have any suggestions for a CMS solution that displays better on RISC OS browsers then by all means drop me a line.


Advertising space is available free of charge for any RISC OS enterprise, be it free or commercial. Donations to cover server costs are always welcome, but are not mandatory. Get in touch if you’d like to advertise on the blog.

Get involved!

The RISC OS Blog is looking for a few willing volunteers to contribute to the site. Any work is appreciated, no matter how small or large, regular or irregular. Get in touch if you’d like to get involved!

Need to get in touch?

Drop us an email or get in touch via Twitter. Press releases, software submissions for review, articles to be published on the site etc. are always welcome.