Under the Microscope: Island of the Undead

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An original first-person shooter for RISC OS is definitely a rarity, the last one I can think of is the woeful Destiny many moons ago.

Fortunately, Amcog Games’ The Island of the Undead seems to have a lot more going for it.

Officially unveiled at the Wakefield show back in April and released a few months later, The Island of the Undead is a retro first-person shooter written using the Amcog Games Development kit as well as a new 3D engine. The game is a commercial release and is available for purchase for £11.99.

The plot

The game is based around the protagonist finding themselves alone on an abandoned military base after being forced to land a plane on a seemingly deserted island due to lack of fuel caused by a fuel leak.

While searching for fuel, a notebook is found with a number of eery scribblings in them, written by the last person on the island. An experimental virus that was initially meant to extend life began killing test subjects before reincarnating them in zombie form. Oo-er.

So naturally, your aim is to find some fuel and bugger off of that island post-haste, but the zombies don’t intend on making it that easy…

The game itself

Island of the Undead is displayed in retro-styled 3D vector graphics and features five original music tracks, 360 degree movement and the quite handy addition of level codes – so you can jump straight back onto a level you were playing before without having to start from scratch again. As always with an Amcog game, sound effects are supplied by their very own RDSP sound module.

A nice feature of the game is a built-in map in the right corner along with a counter that keeps track of your score, ammunition, health and the amount of fuel you’re still to acquire before you can get in your plane and bugger off home.

Source code and level design are also included for everyone to see and tinker with.


As the game is written in BBC BASIC, it should play fine on a vast majority of RISC OS machines, old or new.

The game runs well on a Raspberry Pi 2 and I’d imagine it should be fine with pretty much any other modern RISC OS compatible board you throw at it – Titanium, Beagleboard etc.


Overall, another solid title from Amcog and some definite progression in terms of the type of challenges Antony is giving himself with this game appearing to be a much more difficult title to write when compared to previous releases.

The game is a digital purchase via the Pling Store. If you’ve got just over a tenner to spare and want to help support further RISC OS game development from Amcog then giving Island of the Undead a spin isn’t a bad shout.

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