Switching between RISC OS and Debian on Titanium

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EH-114-3-600x600Dual booting between Linux and RISC OS has become a lot easier over the years, with the Raspberry Pi it’s just a case of swapping the SD card with the operating system on it and rebooting the machine.

A cool litte tool from Elesar for their Titanium motherboard is GoLinux, which allows for Debian Linux to be booted into straight from the RISC OS desktop. Booting into Debian from RISC OS is just a matter of running the !GoLinux application.

Recently upgraded to version 1.02 – GoLinux now sets the sound system into a state that Linux expects to find it, fixing a previous issue that saw the Linux environment without any sound.

As well as running the utility on a barebones Titanium, it is also compatible with any Titanium-based computer, such as the Ti Machine from R-Comp or CJE Micro’s Rapido Ti.

GoLinux can be downloaded in a Zip file format free of charge from Elesar’s website.

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